Tabou & Jan Zolo


Democratic originalJan Kalt-Kaempf, Wolfgang Wahl

Democratic is the first single from the upcoming Tabou & Jan Zolo album. On the one hand, it is important in these crazy days not to take democracy for granted. On the other hand it was the way the track came about.

Jan Zolo started with the kick drum, Tabou edited a percussion element & the next instrument was Jan Zoli’s turn again. Democratic producing like Jan Zolo always says.

Jan Zolo is a producer from Mannheim. Productions for numerous artists have been created in his studio for years. In addition to Tabou, he has produced numerous productions with DJ legend „DJ DAG“.

Tabou is a DJ & producer from Mainz. In recent years he has developed into one of the influential minds of the sex-positive techno scene in Germany and Europe.

Democratic is also the first single from Amused. Eric Wishes & Tabou relounge the Label from Mannheim/Mainz/Germany in 2023.

„Amused“ releases melodic emotional House & Techno.